I’m so happy you’ll be there to oversee the audio/visual presentation. The last time did not go well.

he’s a genius

Anonymous said: you are a blessing because I saw a post a while back that was Shally related and I fell in love and I'd just like more shally and Donavan in General and i love your blog and that's all okay byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said: My boyfriend of six months and I just broke up a month ago. It wasn't a negative breakup (I'm a sophomore in college and he's a graduating senior) but I feel like we're wasting time just sitting and "hanging out" which we've only really done three times since our breakup. I want to spend what little time we have left "together", but he doesn't. Do you have any tips on how to get over my attraction and want to be with him? We only have a few more weeks and I want them to be lots of fun.

i’ve never really been in the same situation, so i’m not sure how well i can help you. maybe you guys can still hang out together, but with other friends present as well?? that way it’s not so distracting and your last memories with him will be more pleasant. it’d be better not to spend your few more weeks in regret. good luck and take care.

Anonymous said: I freaking hate when people send you crap for what you like i mean seriously I don't even ship sherlock/sally but i want to write you a bunch of fics or make graphics or something just to make up for those jerky anons.

yknow, for every “jerky anon” i get, i always get like 5 more sweethearts like you in my inbox, so it’s not really a problem ^______^ now scoot on over here for ur state-mandated nose-kiss

Anonymous said: *gives you a dozen origami flowers made from old chinese take-out menus* heyhey your blog is hella freaking sweet and if people have such a problem with things you enjoy and that make you happy, they need to blacklist it or leave. because you being happy and enjoying your blog is the most important thing. super important. have a lovely tuesday <3

oh no…. what’s that in the distance…… IT’S A KISS…… AND IT’S HEADED DIRECTLY TOWARDS YOU……….. HERE IT COMES…..!!!!

I’d do the same for you if you lost all your teeth in a prison fight.

Hironori Yasuda—hand-rendered patterns. c. 1980s